To My Diya – Poem From the PRATI Community

Written by PRATITeam

Jason Sienknecht is a lead faculty and a beloved member of the PRATI community. He wrote this poem for his daughter, Diya, who was gifted a PRATI onesie. We asked him to share about Diya and this poem grew out of that.

To My Daya

By Jason Sienknecht

You are bright and shining in your joy
You are fully innocent in your smile
You are deeply knowing in your eyes
You make me disappear with your laughter

I lose myself over and over again in your presence
I surrender my being repeatedly
To the loving allure of your greater being

I lay down my arms at your little feet
There’s no need to fight life any longer
You show me the essence of what it means
to let go into love once again

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