Business Training

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Business of Psychedelic Medicine Training Program

PRATI envisions a world in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world. We are working to restore a relational paradigm of health and healing, which honors the interconnectedness of all life and affirms the intimate relationship between health and the economy.

For clinicians, psychedelics as a treatment option will require that care providers be able to set up and run a clinic designed specifically for psychedelic medicine. This requires an understanding of best business practices including accounting, ethics, law, training, marketing, hiring, and more.

To support a healthy economic ecosystem, PRATI provides training and promotes a living economy through business models which prioritize equity, local and shared ownership, and internalized social and environmental costs.


As a co-owner of a multidisciplinary group practice, I am so inspired and feel like this is precisely the information I have needed to move my practice forward.

Kim S.

Practical knowledge and skills to apply in a clinic start-up, connection with other folks interested in this work, inspiration that starting a conscious, aligned business is possible!

Meg M.

I loved this! It was well worth the money and gave me a great framework for all of the details I will need to attend to in order to open my clinic.