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Foundational Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Training

Join our experienced faculty of ketamine providers to experience and learn the power of psychedelic therapy.

Group Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Training

Expand upon the knowledge gained from a foundational experiential KAP Training, and learn how to successfully run KAP groups.

End of Life / Existential Distress Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Training

Build on a foundational KAP Training course with the clinical skills needed to support end of life (EOL), existential distress, and palliative care patients and their families.

Business of Psychedelic Medicine Training

Learn what you need to know to establish and operate a successful psychedelic medicine business. These courses provide clinicians and entrepreneurs an overview of the essential components for running a psychedelic clinic, from nuts and bolts to ethics and accessibility.

2024 Trainings

Registration for the following training dates are not yet on sale, and are subject to change. Please make sure that you are on our mailing list in order to receive updates about these trainings. All trainings go on sale on the posted date at 9 AM Mountain Standard Time.

Foundational KAP Training

  • March 28th – 31st
    • Registration: 12/18/23
  • May 9th – 12th
    • Registration: 2/5/24
  • July 4th – 7th
    • Registration: 4/1/24
  • September 12th – 15th
    • Registration: 6/10/24
  • October 24th – 27th
    • Registration: 7/22/24

Group KAP Training

  • May 29th – June 2nd
    • Registration: 2/26/24
  • July 24th – 28th
    • Registration: 4/22/24
  • November 13th – 17th
    • Registration: 8/12/24

End of Life KAP Training

  • May 16th – 19th
    • Registration: 2/12/24
  • June 13th – 16th
    • Registration: 3/11/24
  • Aug 29th – Sept 1st
    • Registration: 5/27/24