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PRATI envisions a world where all people can flourish and thrive. We believe psychedelic medicines have the potential to catalyze a reconnection to the Sacred and create reciprocal relationships with each other and our living planet.

This work takes a village. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely on support from our community—whether through financial gifts, a purchase from our online shop or bookstore, or volunteer opportunities—to realize our mission and vision. Your donations of time or energy, no matter how small, are meaningful beyond measure.

Join us in co-creating regenerative communities and restoring a paradigm of Wholeness on our shared planet! Please consider making a recurring monthly donation to PRATI to support our ongoing efforts. You may also choose to target your donations to grow our KAP Scholarship program for BIPOC practitioners or to expand our Nature Relatedness programming.

We are thrilled to partner with, which supports local independent bookstores, and, a gift fulfillment company that delivers 100% of profits to PRATI. Thank you!



Our bookstore is filled with books that our PRATI faculty have found meaningful. At our KAP Trainings, we create a small “library” that participants can contribute to and borrow from throughout the training. This bookstore is a way of extending the spirit of that library to our community online so that everyone can benefit from our collective knowledge! Plus, with every purchase of a book from our bookstore on, you’re able to both support PRATI and your local, independent bookstore. All health is local, and we want you to be able to easily access these beautiful books while also supporting your local community!

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Reconnecting with Self, Community, Nature, and Spirit

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