Carson Whildes, MA, LPC

Deep Heart Psychotherapy
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In our work together, my intention is to hold a space in which you can begin to relate to yourself with a sense of curiosity and gentleness. This includes growing the capacity to be with your internal experience, as it is, without the need to numb or distract in ways that may have become destructive. I believe that the therapeutic relationship itself is integral to the healing that takes place in therapy. When we feel safe enough to trust and open up, then we can begin the work we need to do on ourselves.

I offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy as a complement to traditional psychotherapy as a way to help facilitate deeper and longer lasting changes. Clients utilizing KAP often experience relief in symptoms of anxiety, depression, substance abuse/misuse, as well as many other presenting challenges. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can also facilitate greater clarity and healing around persistent issues that have otherwise been difficult to navigate.

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$150 to $200
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I support PRATI’s vision of a planet in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world.
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In my work as a therapist, I value helping clients connect with the deepest and most authentic parts of self-parts which have often been cut off or hidden out of fear and protection. I see psychedelic therapy in particular as a powerful way for clients to reconnect with these parts, and in the process, become more whole versions of themselves.