Lawrence E Cormier, M.D.

Practitioner Information
Type of Provider
Licensed Therapist
Description of Services

–Integrative psychiatry and psychotherapy practice, beginning <2000.
–Depending upon the particular patient-client, ketamine is used as a biological therapeutic adjunct to a psychological or psycho-spiritual therapy or as an adjunct to other biologicals (expert nutraceutical and pharmacological care); occasionally, both contexts for the same person.
–IM or SL (non-lozenge) ketamine sessions are conducted with nurse specialists; one female, one male.
–Our particular clinical interest is the care of those who have or are currently experiencing a life-n-death type experience – broadly speaking: 1) individuals with life-threatening or life-limiting illness, or terminal illness, AND their significant others impacted by the identified individual's situation (such as the spouse, parent or adult child of the identified individual)
2) individual so-called front-line health professionals, first responders and others who have been or are currently impacted by life-n-death in their day-to-day occupation (such as hospice settings, ERs, cancer care, 911 responders)
3) small group therapeutic sessions for those listed in (2) above.

Price Range (per hour)
$20 to $300
Offer Sliding Scale
Values Statements
I support PRATI’s vision of a planet in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world.
Briefly describe how your clinical work or business practice (e.g., policies, practices, or educational offerings) aligns with PRATI's Purpose statement: "Reconnecting to the Sacred: Self, Community, Nature, and Spirit".

Longstanding engagement with Navajo Native American culture and people, personal and family’s lifestyle (such as walking to work most days of the week x many years), and humbly endeavoring the live by the Noble Eightfold Path (including Thich Nhat Hanh and Eyes of Compassion)