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OUR Mission

PRATI is a nonprofit community of practitioners, researchers, and educators. We believe in the transformational power of psychedelic medicines for healing people, profession, and planet.


Through psychedelic medicine PRATI nurtures a new approach to mental health and illuminates a pathway for individual and planetary healing.

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Explore PRATI’s range of in-person and virtual trainings for psychedelic therapy practitioners, including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP).

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PRATI Webinars

We aim to learn and grow in community. Join us to discuss psychedelic medicine and a world reconnected to self, community, nature, and spirit.

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Directory of Practitioners

Search PRATI’s Directory of Practitioners to find ketamine  therapists and prescribers.

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PRATI essays and musings to learn, grow, and inspire.

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Music and psychedelics dance in the same deep cosmos of consciousness.

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Just Nature

Psychedelic medicines are powerful catalysts that help awaken us to the mystery of life and the lessons that nature gifts us every day.

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Our bookstore is filled with books that PRATI faculty find meaningful.

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