Just Nature

On a planet over four billion years old, the timespan of humans is but a blink of an eye— inseparably woven into an ongoing, evolving cycle of birth, life, death, and transformation.

Psychedelic medicines are powerful catalysts that help awaken us to the mystery of life and the lessons that nature gifts us every day: that diversity helps us flourish and thrive; that healthy systems find balance in right relationship; and that all life is interdependent, moving through natural cycles of birth and death, and imbued with an innate healing potential.

These teachings are sacred gifts—important lessons for the health of both our internal and external worlds—for they help us embrace our unique contributions and our own sacredness, and thus the sacredness of all life. If we seek true healing, as a species and as a living planet, we must reconsider our culture’s flawed story of separateness from nature and recognize that inner and outer transformation are collective processes, intimately intertwined.

To support this expanded awareness, within ourselves and across our broader human culture, PRATI has created our Just Nature framework. This growing body of programs includes nature-focused training opportunities, climate change as mental health crisis of disconnection, interactive workshops, and illuminating resources to help guide and integrate a deepening sense of connection to the more-than-human, living world. We hope you will join us in this sacred work.

Co-create an Earth Invocation Poem

PRATI is excited to partner with the One Sacred Earth Project in the co-creation of a gifts of nature gratitude invocation. In this five-minute online exercise, we invite you to anonymously share some words of gratitude for the natural world and your relationship with the gifts of nature. Your submissions will be curated into a gratitude invocation that will be shared back to the global community so we may learn about, elevate, and celebrate what we hold sacred as a collective.

Explore Your Relationship with Nature

Nature relatedness is a term that defines the depth of our connection with the natural world, as reflected in our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and experiences. While this may exist as an enduring trait throughout our life, recent research suggests nature relatedness can be enhanced through the use of psychedelic medicines, opening us up to a deeper awareness and appreciation of the living world.

The Nature Relatedness Scale (NR-6) measures the strength of one’s psychological relationship to nature, a characteristic associated with happiness and well-being. For your education and exploration, we’ve added a Nature Relatedness Scale calculator tool to our website. Curious to learn more?