February 2023 Newsletter

Written by PRATITeam

Welcome to our February Newsletter! In this newsletter, you’ll find our Director’s address examining the relationship between our inner and outer worlds, a spotlight on the story and work of alumni Kate and Ann Matney, photos from our pilot Group KAP training, and art from our community — including paintings from Kate DeCoste and Lorie Gearhart!

murmuration of birds

Health is Relational 

by Executive Director Jamie Harvie

The spiritual leader Thich Nhat Hanh is credited with the term interbeing. Interbeing describes our deep interconnection, and his ideas feel closely aligned with the PRATI ethos. How is our own healing dependent on the healing of our community and our planet? How do groups, like in group KAP work or at PRATI trainings, help us transcend our individual selves?

murmuration of birds

PRATI Alumni Spotlight: Kate and Ann Matney – Group KAP

Ann Matney, LCPC, attended our January Group KAP Training, and she has been running group KAP sessions in her practice, Sub Rosa Therapy in Bozeman, MT. Her sister, Kate Matney, MD, is Sub Rosa’s prescribing clinician. Both attended a PRATI Foundational KAP Training in 2021. We are inspired by the work that they do in their community, as well as their personal journey to the field of psychedelic medicine — which is why we chose to share their story in this alumni feature! 

murmuration of birds

You, Me, and Ross the Tree – Earth Invocation Catalyst Feature

Our community member Emily Tucker, LPC, is a volunteer catalyst for PRATI’s Earth Invocation Project. One of the ways she is celebrating the earth is through her connection with her tree, whom she has named Ross. What follows is an essay written by Emily, and we hope that her story, and Ross, inspire you to be a catalyst in your corner of the world.

Photos From Our January Group KAP Training

We are excited to announce that we held our pilot Group Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Training this past January! This prototype training was open to PRATI alumni, and we will be expanding this offering more broadly this August.

image of full group of november training participants
murmuration of birds

Lorie Gearhart – Art & Integration Feature

Lorie A. Gearhart, MD, was generous enough to share her art and personal story after the PRATI training. She is a psychiatrist in Capitola, California, and is affiliated with Dominican Hospital. She has been in practice for more than 20 years. Following her ketamine experience at the PRATI training, she felt drawn to create this painting of her octopus guide.

murmuration of birds

Katelyn DeCoste – Art & Integration Feature

PRATI alumni Kate DeCoste, MA, LPCC, graciously shared her painting and poems for this feature, and we’re honored to celebrate her creativity and integration work. Kate is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist who specializes in cultivating secure-relationship attachment and sexuality in individuals and couples. She currently works at The Love, Sex, and Gender Center in Boulder, Colorado where she works with KAP clients.

image of people writing on a haiku wall


One of our group integration projects at our January Group Training was a Haiku Wall. This collective resource has been gifted by the cohort and is a beautiful reflection of the group’s spirit.

Contribute To Our Newsletter!

Our February Newsletter is full of beautiful artwork from our community! If you’re inspired by this work and would like to contribute psychedelic-inspired poems, essays, visual art, or music, contact us!

Co-Create an Earth Invocation Poem

PRATI is excited to partner with the One Sacred Earth Project in the co-creation of a gifts of nature gratitude invocation. In this five-minute online exercise, we invite you to anonymously share some words of gratitude for the natural world and your relationship with the gifts of nature. Your submissions will be curated into a gratitude invocation that will be shared back to the global community so we may learn about, elevate, and celebrate what we hold sacred as a collective.

We are also seeking volunteer catalysts — individuals or organizations willing to collaborate and share the link, get the word out, and help curate submissions! Want to get involved? Click here to let us know.

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