Amy Hill, LCSW, Certified Psychedelic Practitioner

ACE Life! Psychotherapy
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So glad you’ve found me.
A little about my creds. I have been a practicing licensed psychotherapist since 2004. I am a graduate of the inaugural cohort of the Synthesis Institute’s Psychedelic Practitioner Training Program (August 2022). I have been practicing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy since completing PRATI’s program in July of 2020.
And on to me a therapist, guide and human. I humbly aspire to evoke, witness and reflect back my clients’ innate wisdom as it comes forth in the medicine experience and beyond. I believe that exploring our consciousness with the aid of medicine to be a potentially sacred experience for which I will honor and hold in reverence with ceremony directed by the clients beliefs and values. We will explore personal contemplative practices in preparation for any medicine experiences. Following medicine journeys clients will have the opportunity to have integration sessions both individually and within a group setting. Integration is critical to the medicine experience as the medicine experience is just the door to the journey. Integration is where one learns how to incorporate what they have experienced into their everyday life. Integration itself can be a lifelong journey.
I offer individual KAP, group KAP and support individual’s personal use of psilocybin for psycho-spiritual growth and exploration.
I co-create with clients a safe space in which they can explore with curiosity their own truth, intuition and experiences in this life’s journey.
I strive to provide culturally responsible care to the best of my ability and understanding.
My intention is that my clients will experience compassion, curiosity, empathy, dignity, safety, respect and care in working with me. It is my belief that with courage and curiosity we can experience expansion.

Price Range (per hour)
$120 to $170
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Values Statements
I support PRATI’s vision of a planet in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world.
Briefly describe how your clinical work or business practice (e.g., policies, practices, or educational offerings) aligns with PRATI's Purpose statement: "Reconnecting to the Sacred: Self, Community, Nature, and Spirit".

I believe that medicine work is Spirit level work. I also believe that one of our best means of fostering Spiritual connection, growth and exploration is thru connecting with Earth and the support that she is always offering us. Connection to the sacred that is all around us, I believe, has the potential to make us better humans, stewards of Earth and of each other.
I offer nature based practices from traditional eco therapy offerings to offerings from my own pagan Earth-based Spiritual path.
My heart’s hope is that we all can have consciousness raising experiences connecting us deeper into Earth and Spirit and that this will one day change the course of humanity for the good.