Blanca G. Cervantes, Medical Degree

Blanca Cervantes, MD
Description of Services

Since 2014, I have been actively working with patients struggling with both substance abuse and their mental health. I have worked in the context of residential treatment (aka rehab), partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment; these centers were either “dual diagnosis” as well as “mental health track,” meaning specifically mental health without ongoing or active recovery from a substance.

Currently, I also have a private practice in Irvine, CA (Orange County), where I offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS) for treatment resistant depression. It gives me great joy to bring Ketamine assisted psychotherapy to my patients. Conventional forms of treatment can be effective in the short term, but not necessarily lasting. Ketamine can initiate profound changes that have a high likelihood of becoming lasting …. and transformative.

My approach is informed by integrative as well as functional medicine and comes from the heart; I offer fully focused care and tailor treatments to the preferences and comfort zones of patients. It is a collaboration rather than just a consultation for my patients and sometimes that involves collaborating with their loved ones as well.

I would love to connect and work together!

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Nature’s potential for healing the wounded heart is immeasurable.