Jason Gruhl, MA Counseling Psychology, KAP Certified

Gruhl Counseling/Pierre Bouchard Counseling
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I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples both in-person at my office or virtually. I believe that we inherently know how to be at harmony in this world, but through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood, this innate “at-homeness” gets covered up. Our job is to understand what the barriers to being in harmony with life are: mentally, physically and spiritually. And so, my approach is holistic, looking at the mind, body and spirit and where we have lost or covered up connection to ourselves, to each other and to the world. We look for ways to bring relief immediately to one’s day-to-day life, but also to one’s long-term view and way of being in life, so that mental and physical health can be permanent.

Price Range (per hour)
$175 to $225
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Values Statements
I support PRATI’s vision of a planet in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world.
Briefly describe how your clinical work or business practice (e.g., policies, practices, or educational offerings) aligns with PRATI's Purpose statement: "Reconnecting to the Sacred: Self, Community, Nature, and Spirit".

As a Buddhist and Existential Psychotherapist, I believe in the oneness and connection of all things. There is truly ONLY the sacred, but we lose touch with that by over-identifying with the mind, causing separation from others, our bodies, and our true self. Through re-connection to nature, community and our lived experience, we begin to identify with (and act from) the spirit of life, allowing us to navigate the world with increased clarity, agency, peace and ease.