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At Soul Surgeon MD, our vision is to uncomplicate transformative healing experiences. We aim to do this through psychedelic and somatic healing modalities. We believe that it is time to birth a new paradigm of healing and love, and we strongly believe that psychedelics will be at the forefront of pushing this evolution. Medicine wants you to live longer. Soul Surgeon MD wants you to live fully.

Medication and talk-therapy models cannot keep up with the meteoric rise in mental illness, isolation, and suffering. We need new tools, new skills, and new perspectives. My therapeutic practice focuses on a connection-based, emotionally-attuned, trauma-informed, value-driven approach to care, infusing my values of wholeheartedness and belonging into both my practice and principles.

We believe healing happens by “creating the conditions for your love and light to shine.” The conditions are: integrity, nurturance, play, stillness, connection. This is the bedrock from which you grow outward. Love is the outward expression that first starts with the connection to self, then other, and ultimately all creation. Your Light is the manifestation of your true purpose and meaning.

Soul Surgeon MD, a healing sanctuary in Los Angeles, was founded by Dr. John Moos, and sits at the intersection of mysticism and medicine. Dr. Moos found himself becoming increasingly disenfranchised with most KAP medical models and wanted to create a more inviting, and safer, environment than is offered in many underground practices. He wanted to make personal transformation safe, comfortable and accessible.

As a Western-trained, allopathic medical doctor, he was discouraged by the traditional practice of medicine. Faced with burnout, loss of autonomy, defensive medical practices, and increasing bureaucracy, he needed a change, and turned his focus from trauma surgery to trauma healing. After spending years in trauma bays, overburdened emergency rooms, and operating suites, it was time to heal it before it happens. Relying on his deep experience in all contexts of trauma, he is able to apply the wisdom learned and earned from both professional and personal experiences to support every client’s healing journey.

We are here to create the space, the safety and the opportunity to heal. Leveraging new medicines, precise skills, and a pragmatic healing framework, we will guide you through your own process of self-discovery and personal transformation. Offering comprehensive and custom treatment programs for individuals, couples, and groups, we are here to support you.

Ketamine-Assisted Journeys
Deep, introspective work supported with ketamine and a skilled facilitator. All sessions include preparation and integration. We provide both intramuscular and sublingual dosing for both psychedelic and psycholytic experiences.

Prescriber Support
We provide prescriber support for therapists and coaches wanting to grow their ketamine practice, offering screening, medical intake, prescribing and on-site facilities. We also support and accept referrals for ketamine work for clients interested.

There is a lot of conjecture and opinion circulating around psychedelics, macro- and microdosing strategies, safety and benefits. We offer an informed, evidence-based perspective to guiding people through their psychedelic experiences.

Harm Reduction
It is a scary world out there with underground providers, lethally-contaminated substances, and no regulations. As the legal landscape changes, there is more help on the way. We provide harm reduction support to ensure your safety.

SSRI Tapering
In order to work with many psychedelic substances, clients often need to taper off antidepressants to reduce risk and enhance efficacy of psychedelic therapies. Traditional tapering guidelines often leave individuals mentally struggling and destabilized due to the consequences of the antidepressant therapy. We are developing ways to successfully taper off and support individuals looking to work with psychedelic substances and/or come off of their antidepressant medications for good.

Psychedelic Integration
Whether working with another provider, experimenting recreationally, or lacking support as is the case with ketamine “chains,” we offer full support to contextualize and integrate your psychedelic experiences to allow for meaning-making.

Soul Surgeon MD offers wellness retreat support and consultation to provide an experience that is pragmatic and holistic.

Leveraging the principles of the Gottman Method and wisdom learned from co-creating a life of love, we offer support to couples in need of rekindling their friendship, overcoming conflict, and creating shared meaning. Ask us about a “love bomb.”

Group work blends the benefits of an individual journey with the connection of a shared experience. The beauty of group work is it bolsters both of self-love and love for others, while concurrently creating an integration group that you can rely on for life.

Substance Use
Recidivism rates are astronomical for traditional approaches to substance use disorder. We specialize in creating protocols to get at root cause as opposed to treating the symptoms of addictive tendencies and behaviors.

Trauma-Informed Care
If you are born in a human body, you will experience some form of trauma; it’s the Human Condition. Even if “everything was provided” growing up, subtle misattunements during developmental, pre-verbal years can have lasting, seemingly invisible effects. Psychedelics are a tool that can bring the unconscious into your conscious awareness.

Curriculum Development
Dr. Moos has been developing and refining a pragmatic – away from the extremes of the clinical or mystical – healing framework and training curriculum for both clients and providers centered around our vision statement, “creating the conditions for your love and light to shine.”

Pre- & Post-Ritual Counseling
Thinking about psychedelic tourism or participating in ceremony? We offer pre- and post-journey support to ensure you have the resources, education, and tools necessary to integrate and embody the experience fully. Post-journey, if you are interested in creating or joining an integration circle/cohort, please let us know.

Price Range (per hour)
$250 to $500
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I support PRATI’s vision of a planet in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world.
Briefly describe how your clinical work or business practice (e.g., policies, practices, or educational offerings) aligns with PRATI's Purpose statement: "Reconnecting to the Sacred: Self, Community, Nature, and Spirit".

At Soul Surgeon MD, we believe in the healing capacity of human ecology. This is the basis for our belief, “creating the CONDITIONS for your LOVE and LIGHT to shine.” Given the right conditions, all sovereign beings will thrive. Our belief can be broken down into constituent elements to support this idea that we are all a part of a human ecology, both internal and external.

The CONDITIONS are a composition of 5 elements: integrity, nurturance, play, stillness, and connection. I believe these 5 elements are like the soil in which you plant a seed. When optimal, will support the germinating and growth of that seed. It will allow you to plant deep roots and take in vital nutrients to support your well-being and thriving.

LOVE is made up of 3 elements: love of self, love for other, and love for creation. Self-love is the basis of healing our deepest wounds. Love for other provides a connection and framework to creating community and support. And, love for creation is the final element that supports humility, awe, and gratitude, as we know we are just one part of an immense living and breathing system.

LIGHT is your purpose and meaning. It is what you shine in the world, when provided the right conditions and your love is nurtured. When living in alignment with your head, heart, and gut, and giving the right conditions to succeed, your purpose and meaning will become clear. The whispers of your intuition will guide you to cultivate and express your purpose and meaning, and thus showering you light (and unique gifts) on all things.