Kirsten Rehman, LPC, LAC

Sona Collective
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Ketamine-assisted therapy at Sona Collective is a holistic, trauma-informed, and compassionate approach to the deeper healing of trauma symptoms.

Ketamine is a commonly used anesthetic in medical settings and has been included in the World Health Organization’s List of 100 Essential Medicines. You may have heard about IV ketamine clinics. The difference between ketamine-assisted therapy and receiving a ketamine infusion at an IV clinic is trauma-informed care, which focuses on repairing relational wounds and therapeutically treating the trauma itself.

In our office, ketamine is a tool that helps you access deeper parts of your psyche and understand this material in a safe and comfortable “set and setting.” Ketamine-assisted therapy works because we focus on creating a tailored “set and setting,” which refers to the environment and context in which you take the medicine, your intention, and the integration that follows.

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I support PRATI’s vision of a planet in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world.
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I believe in transformative therapy that ultimately helps clients not only reconnect with their “basic goodness” or “brilliant sanity,” but which empowers them to take this feeling of wholeness and goodness into their communities and, ultimately, the world. I believe that effective trauma therapy creates ripple effects that can create a collective change, bringing us back into right relationship not only with each other, but also the natural world.