Nicholas Brüss, LMFT, EdD

A Practice of Freedom
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Type of Provider
Licensed Therapist
Certificates with Other Training Centers
Ketamine Training Center
Polaris Insight Center
Integrative Psychiatry Institute
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Fear, anger, grief, and trauma can disconnect us from ourselves and our lives and cause limiting beliefs and destructive patterns. I offer a practice and a space to connect you with your core aliveness and your inner knowing. From this connection, vitality and inner harmony emerge, along with a newfound trust in your own truth. The confidence and presence to meet life as it is, address whatever is arising, and experience more intimacy in your relationships, naturally arise within you.


Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)
Concierge program individually designed for transformation.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Empowering modality that brings forth balance and vitality.

Psychedelic Integration
Bridging psychedelic experience to impact your daily life.

Psychedelic Research, Training and Consulting
Advocating and educating about psychedelic therapy.


This work invites you
to fully live your life and find a home in your own body. This distinctly collaborative process calls us to authentically show up so we can engage in a deeply explorative and highly rewarding journey together. It is actually your body’s desire and ability to heal that reveals what needs your attention. What I bring is an unwavering trust that you have this capacity, and that you contain this inner knowing.

This work reconnects you
with your own brilliance and wisdom. How? By together meeting anything that gets in your way of accessing it, and by deploying awareness, cultivating a curious and compassionate stance, and simply by welcoming it. We’ll study your relational patterns and current lifestyle, refining your communication skills, identifying and strengthening resources, and integrating the different aspects of yourself.

This work is movement
into alignment with your whole self now, shifting from perpetuating outdated limited narratives or preoccupying planning/waiting for a future version. What emerges is a felt-sense of connection and the ability to respond more skillfully and creatively to whatever challenges arise.

This work fosters harmony
between the different, and sometimes disowned, parts of the constellation that is you. Including your desire, fear, anger, grief, spontaneity, and innocence. We practice attuning to and relating with your direct experience, as it is, rather than reacting to interpretations about it. We cultivate an alliance with all parts of you and your inner knowing. It’s a training on how to know and be your true self.

This work reveals wholeness
through radical inclusion of the different aspects that make up your life. Interpersonal relationships (such as with intimate partners, friends, family, and colleagues), lifestyle aspects (such as sleep, exercise, diet, drugs, work, play, and contemplative practices), and the context of one’s life (such as race/ethnicity, cultural perspectives, transgenerational trauma, and sociopolitical factors), all come together and are held by a unified point of view.

Price Range (per hour)
$300 to $500
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Values Statements
I support PRATI’s vision of a planet in which people flourish and thrive in right relationship with the natural world.