End of Life & Existential Distress Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training

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End of Life & Existential Distress PAT Training Program

PRATI’s End-of-Life & Existential Distress Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PAT) Training builds on our Foundational KAP Training course by providing practitioners with the clinical skills they need to support end of life (EOL), existential distress, and palliative care patients and their families. Our program incorporates practical skills, clinical research, and hands-on experience with supported ketamine experiences to inform and empower you in this emerging field. This unique training provides a grounding in the use of PAT to support clients through palliative and hospice care frameworks and existential distress more broadly in the context of grief, loss, anxiety, and demoralization around death and dying at any stage in life.

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Upcoming EOL PAT Training Dates

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  • June 13-16 (on sale 3/18)

* Most participants arrive the day before the training begins

What You Will Learn

PRATI’s immersive training approach combines didactic presentations with experiential components in a retreat-style setting. The training experience involves working in dyads as well as large and small groups, offering a variety of opportunities for connection and learning. Over the four days, we will co-create a container for deep personal and professional growth supported by PRATI’s expert faculty and catalyzed by your own exploration of psychedelic medicine in the context of death and existential distress. As group cohesion and safety are vital components of the training, we require all participants to stay on-site at the venue throughout the duration of the course.

This unique program will build on and add to participants’ foundational knowledge of psychedelic-assisted therapy. You will gain practical skills and hands-on knowledge including:


  • Two optional ketamine experiences (contingent upon medical approval) supported by fellow participants in 1:1 and small group formats
  • Existential and EOL concerns in mental health and medical practice
  • Theory and practice of working with grief and loss
  • Review of research on EOL and psychedelics and existential distress/demoralization/anxiety
  • Guiding patients and their families through the EOL journey
  • Preparation and integration in end-of-life work
  • Personal and professional explorations of grief
  • Curation of the death experience
  • Exploration of belief systems around loss and death
  • Discussion of death rituals and ceremonial practices
  • Understanding clinical care and family support systems at EOL and in the palliative care setting
  • Role of spirituality in the exploration of impermanence and non-attachment for caregivers, patients, families, and clinicians
  • Skills in facing death as a gateway to end-of-life planning
  • Community building and networking opportunities


PRATI’s EOL and Existential Distress Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training Program is designed for professionals actively working in clinical settings. This includes nursing and medical professionals, palliative care and hospice trained professionals, mental health care professionals, social workers, counselors, chaplains, and spiritual guides with psychedelic-assisted therapy experience. 

Completion of an established experiential KAP/PAT program (e.g., PRATI, Polaris, Ketamine Training Center, IPI) is highly desirable prior to attending this training.

PRATI recognizes that practitioners interested in PAT may come from a variety of backgrounds and orientations. If you are unsure about your eligibility for this training, please contact us at Christine.Pateros@PRATIGroup.org before registering. If it is determined that you do not meet eligibility requirements, your registration may be canceled. 


This PAT Training course is held in person over four consecutive days. Training dates, times, and locations are specific to each course. Please scroll up to the Upcoming EOL PAT Training dates section of this page for more information.


2024 Tuition*

  • $2,985 – Professionals (RN, LPC, LCSW, LMFT, PhD, APN, NP, PA, etc.)
  • $4,425 – Physicians (MD, DO)

*Subject to change.


Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable (with exceptions for Scholarship tickets) and non-transferable. We are unable to transfer tuition payments to a subsequent training in the event of any cancellations. Please understand that cancellations impose a burden on our staff and the below policy covers us in the event we are unable to fill a cancelled spot.


  • If you cancel more than 60 days prior to the training start date, you will receive a full refund of tuition fees, minus deposit.
  • If you cancel after the full payment deadline up to 2 weeks from the training start date, you will be refunded 50% of tuition fees, minus deposit.
  • Cancellations 2 weeks or less from the training start date forfeit all of the tuition fees.


PRATI’s EOL PAT Training Scholarship Program aims to address the racial wealth gap in the United States and the intersectionality of health status, economic inequality, and marginalization by race. To this end, our Scholarship program places a strong priority on BIPOC identities when making award decisions.

If you are interested in a scholarship, please purchase a Scholarship Ticket and you will be sent a link to fill out the application. As a limited number of scholarships and application slots are available, please only apply if you would otherwise be unable to afford this training. We ask that all scholarship awardees pay the $500 deposit as an investment in this training. Please note that scholarships do not include food or lodging fees.

Deadlines for scholarship applications are listed on course registration pages. Applicants will be contacted once scholarship award decisions have been made. Scholarship applicants not chosen will receive a full refund for their application deposit. Please only apply for one training scholarship opportunity at a time!

Focus and Priorities

To make our EOL PAT Training a more accessible event we are offering scholarships, with a BIPOC prioritization, for those in need. These are intended for practitioners who want to attend but are genuinely not able to afford our standard pricing. For those who are financially comfortable, we ask that you value the effort and expense it takes to produce these trainings and pay our standard rates.

The Application

  • The scholarship application form is not a “test” of need.
  • Please do not consider application questions about personal identities, education, and licensure as definitive reflections of your lived or professional experience.
  • We ask questions about racial and ethnic identities as part of our goal to measure and improve the diversity of the community we serve. These questions are optional, and when answered, are only one factor among many that are considered.

Decisions and Notifications

  • We currently have limited resources and a small team to review scholarship applications and ask for patience during the time of review. 
  • We regret that we cannot approve all applications or provide status updates or individual feedback on applications or award decisions.
  • We consider a variety of factors and involve multiple people in the decision-making process.


The majority of our training programs are held in Loveland, Colorado at Sunrise Ranch. Please review accommodation details on the check-out page specific to each training. **Tuition price does not include accommodations or meals.

In addition to making tuition payment to PRATI, all participants must register with Sunrise Ranch separately, as they charge by the bed, not by the room. This payment will also include all of the meals you will be receiving during the training. Accommodation options include shared and private rooms. We require all trainees to stay onsite for the duration of the training course to ensure safety and support group cohesion. Additionally, we do not allow family and friends to stay with trainees at Sunrise Ranch during the training experience, as this is disruptive to the container.


I have participated in a variety of KAP trainings through different organizations over the last year and have learned a lot along the way and had lots of good experiences. PRATI’s training, however, was above and beyond any expectations I have for quality of information delivered, skillfulness in group facilitation, and the safety of the holding environment for the experiential part of the training. I highly recommend training through PRATI.

Amy Everson, LMFT

The PRATI organization is powerful, embodied, extremely inclusive and well organized. Highly recommend any training they offer. The staff is so experienced and knowledgeable and a very welcoming community. I can’t wait to do more trainings with them!

Carolyn Cubberly, RN

PRATI provides an exceptional training in ketamine and psychedelic-assisted therapy. The training included a well-rounded body of information on all aspects of psychedelic work. PRATI holds an obviously high standard of ethics, integrity, knowledge and research, and the facilitators created a safe, fun, and connected learning environment that supported both intellectual knowledge and embodied experience. I left feeling competent and ready to bring this work into my practice.

Gail Margolis, MA, LPC