Psychedelic Case Reports: Building the Evidence Base with Dr. David Riley

Psychedelic Case Reports: Building the Evidence Base with Dr. David Riley

Dr. David Riley

Join us on March 10th, 2022 at 6:30 PM MST with special guest Dr. David Riley. In this one-hour presentation Dr. Riley will bring years of experience in scientific writing and publishing. Evidence-based medicine, whenever possible, integrates clinical expertise informed by research. In the absence of large research grants and randomized controlled trials case reports are an important tool to build the scientific evidence base. Through this presentation and Q and A format, participants will be able to describe the benefits and challenges of case reports, describe CARE (CAse REporting guidelines) and gain an understanding of how to write a case report. Hope to see you!

David Riley is board certified in Internal Medicine and a senior editor with The Permanente Journal (TPJ). He participated in the development of health research reporting guidelines, First with CONSORT for randomized controlled trials in 2000 and then CARE for case reports in 2011. First published in 2013, the CARE guidelines are available in multiple languages and have been accepted as the standard for publishing case reports in many medical journals. Dr. Riley teaches medical writing and publishing, and case report writing internationally. In 2018 Scientific Writing in Health and Medicine (SWIHM), an online training platform for writing scientific articles following CARE was launched. In 2019 CARE-writer, an online app assisting authors writing case reports was released.

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