Sublingual Sessions 1

Sublingual Sessions is a Spotify playlist series from PRATI curated by psychedelic therapists, artists, and musicians to support oral/sublingual ketamine experiences. With this series, we showcase a range of artistic expressions to explore the diverse realms of ketamine space and the human experience—the sublime, the strange, and the vastness in between. Put on your headphones, settle in, and enjoy the journey!


Sublingual Sessions 1 is the first in a new series of playlists curated by psychedelic therapists, artists, and musicians with the intention to support transformative oral/sublingual ketamine experiences. PRATI KAP Training Course Director and resident DJ ST Frequency brings us the first in this series with Sublingual Sessions 1, a two-hour journey through immersive, spacious, and subterranean soundscapes spanning electronic and acoustic genres.

Sublingual Sessions 1 is available for listening here on Spotify. Stay tuned for future releases in this series!

This playlist was also featured in a PRATI webinar, Musings on Music: Anatomy of a KAP Playlist, where KAP Training music faculty Stephen Thomas and Jason Sienknecht host an interactive exploration of the playlist.


About ST Frequency

ST Frequency is the artistic alias of Colorado-based DJ, musician, and KAP therapist Stephen Thomas. As a dedicated rave-goer in the early ’90s, ST Frequency discovered the power of electronic music combined with movement and psychedelics to elicit transformative shifts in consciousness. This propelled a lifelong fascination with music, producing and performing with the bands Kairos, Echolalia, and Kids with Codenames over the next two decades. These days, ST Frequency channels his passion for creating evocative musical experiences as a DJ and curator of playlists for psychedelic-assisted therapy. When not behind the decks or composing journey music, Stephen serves as PRATI’s Foundational KAP Training Course Director and supports his own clients as a licensed clinical social worker and KAP therapist.

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2 hours and 14 minutes
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Electronica | Neoclassical
Grounding | Immersive | Melodic