Sublingual Sessions 2

Sublingual Sessions is a Spotify playlist series from PRATI curated by psychedelic therapists, artists, and musicians to support oral/sublingual ketamine experiences. With this series, we showcase a range of artistic expressions to explore the diverse realms of ketamine space and the human experience—the sublime, the strange, and the vastness in between. Put on your headphones, settle in, and enjoy the journey!


Sublingual Sessions 2 is the next offering in our series of oral/sublingual ketamine playlists curated by psychedelic therapists, artists, and musicians. Colorado-based DJ and producer J.Vetrano has crafted a bespoke collection of minimal, ambient, and electronica tracks for cerebral and introspective journeys in ketamine space. Subtle and synthetic but buzzing with analog warmth, this playlist is recommended for psychospiritual exploration.

Sublingual Sessions 2 is available for listening here on Spotify. Stay tuned for future releases in this series!

This playlist was also featured in a PRATI webinar, Musings on Music: Sublingual Sessions 2, where KAP Training music faculty Stephen Thomas and Jason Sienknecht host an interactive exploration of the playlist.


About J.Vetrano

J.VetranoWhile it’s generally been for an audience of one, J.Vetrano has been curating electronic music for nearly 30 years. In the right place at the right time, living in Detroit just as its second wave of techno was taking off, he found himself immersed in a soundscape and a landscape both alien and beautiful. This experience has led to a lifelong fascination with the synthesis of sound and place. Drawing on these influences, the collection of sounds in Sublingual Sessions 2 is designed for exploring internal spaces that can sometimes be difficult to reach.

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2 hours and 15 minutes
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Ambient | Electronica | Minimal
Cerebral | Experimental | Introspective