Sublingual Sessions 4

Sublingual Sessions is a Spotify playlist series from PRATI curated by psychedelic therapists, artists, and musicians to support oral/sublingual ketamine experiences. With this series, we showcase a range of artistic expressions to explore the diverse realms of ketamine space and the human experience—the sublime, the strange, and the vastness in between. Put on your headphones, settle in, and enjoy the journey!

Sublingual Sessions 4 is a rich and evocative playlist from psychiatrist and music producer Juan Pablo Galindo. Shimmering, expansive tracks gently propel the journeyer through celestial realms of sound and emotion.

Sublingual Sessions 4 is available for listening here on Spotify. Stay tuned for future releases in this series!


About Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo is a board-certified psychiatrist based in Charleston, South Carolina. He obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in psychology at Williams College and later graduated from A.T. Still University Medical School. He completed his psychiatric training at the University Of Louisville specializing in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. He obtained a certification in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research through the California Institute of Integral Studies. Additionally, he is certified in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy through the Ketamine Training Center. His training has always focused on the connections between the body, mind and spirit leading to a deep interest in psychedelic medicines. Juan Pablo’s other passions include music production and studying the relationship between music and healing.

Spotify Profile: Innerbloom Healing

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Deep Electronica | Psybient
Lush | Restorative | Uplifting