Poems From the PRATI Community – Cole Butler

image of Cole Butler and his family

Written by PRATI Community

This article is a submission from the PRATI Community.
Cole is a PRATI alumni and member of the PRATI community. He conducts KAP groups and individual KAP sessions. He enjoys immersing himself in nature and is passionate about psychedelic medicine. Cole has found an outlet and artist expression through his poetry. Cole collected and distributed some of his poems that felt relevant to ketamine work, potentially to be utilized during the swishing portion of oral KAP sessions, and he has read these poems during swishing for his group KAP sessions. Cole gratefully offered his work to PRATI to be published. He encourages others to share this work and utilize it in KAP practice as feels appropriate.

Six poems, from the collection “The Ketamine Poems,” by Cole Butler


Silk Scarf

Floating down an unknown road
Heading to my eternal home
Quiet leaves patter upon wood floors
Opening us up to nature’s doors
Bluebirds call in from window sills
You can hear them when you sit still
A held hand cures all wrongs
And writes upon life nature’s song
Rocking chair on the front porch
Grilling in the backyard with a tiki torch
Music floats about in sacred space
Call me to be awake
Crying out for gentle kindness
We all need a little lightness
Unburden me of all my woes
And make sacred things to be known


A midsummer night’s full moon
Humming a silent tune
As I gaze upon the water front
Unlocking secrets of what I want
New life emerges from the unknown
Fountain of youth overflows
Medicine makes a sacred dance
Falling into warm romance
Take me away into the stars
Bless me with birthing scars
Let life write upon me its poems
And inoculate me with sacred knowing

The Mind’s Eye

Uncover yourself and unfold the truth
Deep inside there’s a reality to you
Muffled and drowned by dangerous voices
Trying to stay sane among the noises
Pull yourself from this dark abyss
Find yourself in light’s kiss
Florid colors unwind inside
Dampened by winds of time
Turn off the television
See the revelation
Divine inside your human mind
You have within you power you’ll find
Keep at it, keep going, and you will see
What you have within is eternity


Aghast gripping of a faint image
Paintings of undone remissions
Deep inside the unconscious mind
Fairies play the strings of time
Beauty unfolds her weathered wings
Showing us all of nature’s things
A secret gem to be unlocked
A flowering feather of a peacock
We will find things once not known
As we journey to the earth’s core alone
Fear is no longer necessary
For each other we will carry

I’ll be Your Guide

Here we enter into the depths of dark caverns
Inside we find the unfolding of old patterns
A soul’s journey into the unconscious mind
Who knows what we may find inside?
Letting go, easing into the process
Removing all the gripping of conscious
We guide you now into places unknown
No fears are needed where you will go
We, too, have been down there
Explorers of the psychedelic fair
Come back, we did, back into life
Freed of the trappings of our minds


I want to swim among the stars
Bask in the moonlight with a mason jar
I want to erase my schedule
And hop on a plane to Mexico
I want to sniff the cool morning air
And kiss a child on their hair
There is no need for worry in the moonlight
Just the sensual air with its sweet delight
Artificial worries dissipate with gratitude
Old fear replaced by the new
Love and light return abreast
Springtime brought its Sunday best

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