Poetry from the PRATI Community

Written by Sarah Gorban

Last month, PRATI received a gift of words in our email inbox. The poem, “Seeded Beings” by Sarah Goban, was written in response to the PRATI webinar conversation “Psychedelics, Nature Relatedness and Ecological Grief” with Dr. Sam Gandy. Sarah describes herself as an adventurer, constantly curious, an observer, and a collector of quotes from people. Sarah is currently in pharmacy school and is looking to pursue a career in psychedelics. With gratitude, Sarah!


Seeded Beings

Wander not to get lost
Wander not to get found
Wander to know
To know what it is you have missed
The infinite potential in all of us
May be sensed among the
Space between us all
Place the mind in this
Bigger and broader work
During the attempt to
Rewire ourselves as human
Beings back into nature
Being a human can manifest
As embryonic seeded roots
Caught in tangles of the
Learning and unlearning
Within the misplaced and forgotten
Are plants calling us home
Calling us to reconnect to
What is necessary and needed
Within these homes
There is a lot to hold
Within these homes are the
Self, community, nature, universe
Expanding and contracting as we
Get closer to understanding
The reason we wander

– Sarah Gorban

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