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KAP Training Program

PRATI believes that ketamine is the best tool to learn the practical and fundamental skills needed for psychedelic medicine. Join our experienced family of ketamine assisted psychotherapy providers to learn about ketamine assisted psychotherapy and use ketamine as a jumping off point to explore the transformational power of psychedelic therapy. Our program emphasizes practical skills and information to empower you in this emerging field.

What you will learn

PRATI’s immersive training approach combines didactic presentations with experiential components. Besides preparing you for the clinical application of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, this unique program provides a grounding in the foundations of psychedelic medicine.  Participants will gain practical skills and hands-on knowledge including:

  • KAP and psychedelic medicine preparation and integration
  • Guiding clients through altered states of consciousness, including role-playing exercises
  • Tools for eliciting transformative sessions
  • Playlist development, rationale, and curation
  • Holistic and integrative tools for natural mental health support
  • Clinical care of severely depressed and suicidal individuals
  • Ethical considerations within KAP and psychedelic medicine
  • Discussion of ceremony, ritual, and intention-setting within KAP
  • Community building and networking opportunities


We require that current graduate students are engaged in supervised clinical practice and within 6 months of graduation at training start date. Current or recent graduate students might be asked to provide diplomas, further documentation of clinical internship, or residency.


This waitlist is event/date specific. You will only be contacted if a space opens up for this specific training. Waitlists do not carry over to subsequent trainings. To get the updates on future KAP training dates, please subscribe to our mailing list by selecting “Sign Up for Updates” from our homepage.


Four days. Specific start and end time are course dependent.


The follow is the proposed cost of our 2021 program and is subject to change.


PRATI believes ketamine-assisted psychotherapy should be made inclusive and accessible to all people regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or marginalized identities. Scholarships are available for our KAP Trainings for participants based on financial need, BIPOC identification, and a commitment to serving marginalized or disadvantaged communities.

If you are interested in a scholarship, please purchase a Scholarship Ticket, and you will be sent a a link to fill out the application. A limited number of full scholarships are available. We ask that all scholarship awardees pay the $500 deposit as an investment in this training. Please note that scholarships do not include food or lodging fees. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 5th, 2021. Applicants will be contacted once scholarship award decisions have been made. Scholarship applicants not chosen will receive a refund for their full application deposit.


This training blew me away. I did not expect it to be so full of heart and so full of practical, clinical skill building tools as a therapist. I feel confident that I am capable of integrating KAP into my practice after this weekend and supported by the staff at PRATI throughout the process. I would highly recommend this training.
Dori Lewis, LPC

The psychedelic renaissance happening now is brings with it much excitement as well as many challenges.The level of leadership, professionalism, knowledge (and playfulness) exhibited in this training is unmatched in this field. After nine years as a therapist, I have a new found enthusiasm and hope for the future of mental health and overall well-being.
Dan Ronken

Inclusion Recovery LLC

PRATI provides an exceptional training in ketamine and psychedelic-assisted therapy. The training included a well-rounded body of information on all aspects of psychedelic work. PRATI holds an obviously high standard of ethics, integrity, knowledge and research, and the facilitators created a safe, fun, and connected learning environment that supported both intellectual knowledge and embodied experience. I left feeling competent and ready to bring this work into my practice.
Gail Margolis, MA, LPC