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KAP Faculty Spotlight: Wilhelmina De Castro, LCSW

Wilhelmina De Castro, LCSW PRATI is honored to have Wilhelmina De Castro, LCSW as the coordinator of our KAP Training Scholarship Program. She is also Co-Faculty for the KAP Training program. She is deeply committed to diversifying the psychedelic space and uplifting...

Butterflies, Burnout, and the Great Reimagination

At a recent KAP training, I shared lunch with John, a paramedic, whose district extends over the front range of Colorado. As we got to know one another, he described how over the last few years the majority of his calls are mental health related. A big change. We know...

Carrier Song – Poem From the PRATI Community

Greg Robillard wrote this poem at our July KAP Training at Sunset Ranch. He shared this poem in a group share after a journey. He was willing to share it with our larger community in our newsletter, and the accompanying photo is of Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA. Carrier...