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This July I had the opportunity to join our faculty for our second-of-the-year, four-day, experiential training. It was a beautiful thing. Going into our “training” I was told how transformative it would be, how beautifully we hold the sacredness of ketamine—a western...

The Culture of Psychedelic Medicine

If you intend to work with psychedelic medicines, if you intend to work with patients in the psychedelic framework and if you intend to have a practice in this arena, then you really should understand psychedelic medicine culture. The clientele drawn to this work and...

Faculty Spotlight: Jason Sienknecht

Jason Sienknecht, LPC, CAC II PRATI has been blessed with Jason’s presence from day one. Jason is a KAP therapist and MAPS-trained MDMA-assisted psychotherapist. With a warm, soft, presence Jason is a born educator and co-leads the development of PRATI’s KAP...